The Socialist Network (TSN) is a global network for people who are interested in
discussing and working out a democratic socialist alternative to this destructive capitalist system, and in helping to achieve it too.

To this end, we are not trying to create utopian schemes or pipedreams, but rather to:

+ Uncover the potential of a new society that has already been built up within capitalism today

+ Examine the barriers that are preventing a new society from being realised

+ Discuss how a movement for a new society can be built

+ Strive to express ourselves in terms that can appeal to the overwhelming majority of society

We are organised as a network so that every individual member and group who participates contributes to the collective outcome but retains their democratic autonomy.

We welcome anyone who wishes to help in this project. Your ideas and feedback will form a vital contribution to the progress of the Network.

You can also join the Network either as an individual or as part of a National Affiliate.

If you just want to stay in touch you can become a Friend of the Network.

In either case drop us a line at: