America Continues To Radicalise

Video from last weekend’s People’s Summit in Chicago where Bernie Sanders sums up the current stage of the struggle.    Published: 14 June 2017

The rise of the Bernie Sanders movement on one side, and the election of Trump as US President on the other, were both a reflection of the growing discontent of American working people, and a spur to a wave of radicalisation taking place across the United States. A significant indication of this are the recent opinion polls that show that Sanders is now by far the most popular politician in the country with 63% support.

This wave is lifting the socialist movement, most notably in the incredible growth of membership in Democratic Socialists of America, a group that The Socialist Network has been in contact with in recent years. Next week we will carry an interview with some left-wing members of the DSA.


2 thoughts on “America Continues To Radicalise”

  1. OK, you got me to listen to this speech. Sander’s says at the beginning of his speech that he would finish with some very good news. So I listened all through his entire standard stump speech for the big finish, and here (spoiler alert) it is:
    “When we stand together there is nothing that will stop us.”

    • Very true Doug. I realise that for you Bernie’s speech would contain little new but for people outside the Us it will give them and indication of the rising mood and some of the issues. etc.


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