Debate: On British Labour?s New Economic Policy

mcdcorbPublished: 25 November 2015
Debate Participants: Themos Demetriou, Michael Roberts and Eric Andersson

“Where Michael Roberts is Wrong” by Themos

In one of his latest posts Michael Roberts questions the validity of the economic philosophy of the new Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, as well as his marxist credentials. He points out that in his keynote speech on economics at the Labour Annual Conference he accepts Marx?s analysis of the capitalist system but distances himself from his conclusions about what to do. He goes on to criticise McDonnell?s decision to appoint Keynesian rather than Marxist economists to his panel of economic advisers and forecasts that ?Corbyn and McDonnell?s National Investment Bank will not be enough to deliver sufficiently faster growth as long as the UK economy is still dominated in its strategic sectors by capitalist profit-making companies in the City of London?.

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Correction To An Old Article

correction-2xgekz01y46mqrl2b244y2On the 20th 0f April 2015 we published an article about the approaching General Election in Britain. In the article we reproduced the text of a statement issued by the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory on its website: This included a list of ‘Initial Signatories’ copied from the same site in which British Labour MP John McDonnell’s name was included (it still is). On our part, we have now removed John’s name from the list in our article because he has informed us that he did not put his name to this statement and that it was published there without his consent. We apologise for any confusion and refer any enquiries to the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory whose statement it was and whose list of signatories it still is.
TSN Editor

Turkish Elections ? Nationalism and Terror Take Country Closer to Dictatorship

Collage 1Published: 5 November 2015
Author: Tayfun Hatipo?lu

The victory of the ruling AK Party in Turkey’s parliamentary elections on November 1st was an important step on an increasingly dictatorial path. Having lost its majority in last June?s elections, AK Party leader President Erdogan was unwilling to accept the verdict of the people and allow a coalition government to be formed. Instead, he instructed his puppet Prime Minster Davuto?lu to perform an elaborate charade in which discussions were held with each of the opposition parties. This was supposedly to examine the possibilities of a coalition government  but was really only to provide time for an alternative strategy to be put in place.

In this, the Government was most fortunately assisted by the decision of Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the right-wing Turkish nationalist party, the MHP, to refuse again and again to enter any coalition government, either with the opposition parties or the AK Party regime. This strange position has led Bahceli to become known as ?Mr No?, a position that has caused some speculation that the ruling Party has done a secret deal with him or has some hold over him through blackmail or some other means.

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