Greece: SYRIZA versus the Capitalist Institutions of the European Union – the First Defeat

To cut or to leavePublished: 25 July 2015
Author: Soteris Vlachos (Socialist Expression, Cyprus)

The Result of the Referendum
The five-month battle of SYRIZA inspired millions in Europe and the world. The NO result of the Referendum, in the middle of an actual banking coup and a near strangulation of the economy, was a crowning moment of this process. However, instead of this point being used as a springboard for even more decisive action by the leadership of SYRIZA, the very next day Syriza?s leader, Tsipras, laid down their arms. By openly stating that the purpose of the Referendum was to reach a better agreement rather than to leave the Eurozone, Tsipras opened the way for German Finance Minister Schäuble and the rest of the Eurogroup gang to impose on them an extremely degrading agreement. An agreement that provides even for the dismissal of the few workers that SYRIZA government had rehired and terminates of all legislation that had passed through parliament since SYRIZA was elected.

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Cyprus: New Law Opens Way for More Foreclosures

CollagePublished: 16 May 2015.
Author: Soteris Vlachos (Socialist Expression, Cyprus).

Having as their main argument the urgency to give to the banks “a tool?to collect large debts which would enable them to improve their balance sheets,? the right wing government of Greek Cyprus has passed through Parliament legislation that opens the way to mass evictions.

“All money lent has to be returned? said the leader of the main right wing party. But he was not applying this prescription to the banks by requesting repayment of the 10 billion euros taken from the bank accounts of thousands of people in the last ?bail in?. Nor was he asking back the more than ?5 billion through which the State has guaranteed bank liquidity. No, he was demanding return of money only from those of our compatriots that have been rendered economically broken and unemployed by the banking system.

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Cyprus: movement against property seizures becomes international

Published: 28 November 2014
Intro by: TSN Editor
Author: Soteris Vlachos from Socialist Expression in Cyprus

The Movement Against Foreclosures was established in October 2013 as a product of a suddenly deteriorating economic environment. In this environment an ever increasing number of people could not meet their monthly obligation to the banks, and the danger of mass evictions from their partly bought homes prevailed for the first time in the recent history of Cyprus.

The Crisis in Cyprus
The signs of a crisis were present in Cyprus even before the 2008 global financial collapse, but the 2013 haircut of the bank deposits created an unprecedented situation where unemployment increased by almost 300% in less than a year. As a result the number of families that cannot meet their monthly obligations increased dramatically.

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How do we deal with the World Economic Crisis?

Money going down the plugholeA speech by Soteris Vlachos from Socialist Expression in Cyprus, at the ‘Challenging the Rule of Troika, Transforming Europe’ Conference in Dublin on the 10th of March 2014.

Today is probably the time to revisit the concepts of World Revolution and formulate an International exit strategy from the crisis. Today, much more than in 1917, it is impossible to talk about a national socialist transformation, isolated from the rest of the world. Any radical break with capitalist policies will send revolutionary ripples across Europe and across the World with unprecedented speed. The rapid spread of the Arab Spring is the sort of model that we will be facing in the coming years.

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