How To Join the Network

An individual can either join a group that is already a part of the The Socialist Network or join the Network directly.
Membership is open to any individual or group that:

  • agrees in general with our basic ideas,
  • accepts our Constitution and Discussion Rules,
  • is willing to pay a regular subscription to enable us to develop the work of the Network (to enable us to hold conferences, help with membership education, maintain a lively website and Facebook presence, and organise our campaigns)

Membership entitles you to:

  • access our Internal Facebook forum
  • participate in our online Coordinating Committee political discussions (usually held every month)
  • receive Membership mailings
  • unconditionally organise for your ideas and express them in all Network publications
  • speak and vote at our Conferences and elect our Officers
  • set up working groups on issues of your choice

Your application must be approved by the Coordinating Committee and, if you are a group, confirmed by the following Conference. Where there already exists a group in the same country, the Coordinating Committee will inform that group (or groups if there are more than one) of the application and ask for comment which it will take fully into account when deciding whether to approve the application.

If you would like to join just send an email to our Membership Officer Tim Horvath at

If you wish to join The Socialist Network as an individual member you will need to pay a regular subscription fee which can be done either via a direct bank to bank money transfer (usually by a monthly standing order), or via PayPal. Below are our four different subscription rates:

Standard Plus: For members on a good income or wishing to make a strong commitment to the work of The Network – 20 Euros per month or equivalent

StandardFor members on a reasonable income – 10 Euros per month or equivalent

Half-rateFor members who are non-waged – 5 Euros per month or equivalent

Entry-LevelFor members on very low incomes (especially from poorer countries) – 2 Euros per month or equivalent

Once your membership has been approved you will be notified by our Membership Officer who will also send you details of where to select which subscription rate is most appropriate, and how best to pay it.
We look forward to working together…

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  1. I would like to join the Socialist Network. I already have a friend who is a member who has encouraged me to join, Kate Adams.


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