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    • Question to Pat Byrne regarding “THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Where did it all go wrong?”

      Hello Pat Byrne,
      I am trying to find a copy of Alexander Podsheldolkin, “New Light on the Origins of the Stalinist Bureaucracy”, Frontline 3, 2001.

      I found a reference in a paper by Murray Smith in Links. Though I cannot locate it on the internet.

      However, you have listed this paper on the Labour Left Alliance Webinar “THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Where did it all go wrong?” from August 2020.

      If you have access to this paper, could you please send me a pdf copy.

      Best regards and Thanks in advance
      Göran Lidén
      Stockholm, Sweden

  1. My proposition below, although referring to Brazil´s crisis, could perfectly be fit for discussions all over the world. It would suffice to replace Brazilian neoliberals x socialists with American conservative republicans x progressive democrats, or greek socialists x german capitalists. In general terms: economic conservatism x social needs.

    Brazil´s crisis ? findings and recommendations
    ?The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis?. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

    Crisis and confrontation of ideas, this is the Brazil of today. Millions of Brazilians on the streets, from the two dominant ideologies: neoliberals and socialists. Let’s try x-raying it, looking beyond personal and political interests. Certainly the focus is on the worldview, the economy and the political attitudes.
    Neo-Liberals believe and prioritize austerity, putting the Government under control, not spending more than collected with taxes and facing social problems with programs that will be activated depending on the availability of resources. Something like saying: this is the best minimum wage possible. If the socialists can eat is their problem, but not paying more. These neo-Liberals or neocons believe in the possibility of managing the economic laws!!! They prioritize payments to bankers, who are our lenders and funders of our development, the generators of jobs. In other words, neo-Liberals believe that the economy, based on the credibility of the country, will advance on the social sphere and all will live happily. The current market competition is like an athletic race in which some are well fed and have access to health assistance and education, whereas crowds of excluded are left far behind. Better would be, instead of a ceiling on income, to establish a groundfloor, so as to permit wealth and prohibit poverty.
    The result of this philosophy of the neo-liberals is on one hand a privileged elite, and on the other a multitude of outcasts. Do you know when the leftists will be able to eat? Never.
    Socialists prioritize the social aspects and experienced in their own skin that productive work needs to be powered by food, health and education ? that is a fact: even an automobile needs fuel to run. Labour is an energy transformation process, from human energy to physical or intelectual energy. However, these two aspects are provided by the Government, stemming from the taxes paid by workers and entrepreneurs. This will generate a huge deficit and make the Government lose credibility. It will also reduce investments. They believe, above all, that people well fed and assisted with health and education, that is to say, with their social aspects attended to, the economy will expand and everyone will live happily. I don´t care to wealth inequality but I do care to provide equal opportunities – nutrition, health and education, but never strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, just providing environment of ?liberty, fraternity and equality? of opportunities.
    Do you know when this equation will be completed? Never.
    In this mess of different conceptions, politicians, legitimized by new Keynesians, interfere in the economy so clumsily ? they even mess with the purchase of oil rigs by State-owned enterprises ? an absurdity – this cannot work! Clever as they are, they found out that elections are well priced on the market ? they pump resources from service providers to the Government into their election campaigns, keeping part of these resources in their own pockets!!! Here rightist and leftist parties act similarly. There’s no Mother Teresa in this whorehouse!
    Dictatorships or strong regimes are defended only by those who would like to be lashing the whip; whenever placed on the other side, they will stand for democracy emphatically. Whatever the concept that one may have of democracy, the fate of citizens cannot depend on the virtue of their rulers.

    What can we learn from all this? How can we reconcile such different views?
    Neo-liberals are correct in searching a balanced budget. Socialists discovered the obvious: everyone needs to eat and to have access to health and education systems.
    Considering that the market economy always produces what is profitable and not what is needed, only a new social pact will correct current distortions. We have to transform these 3 sectors: nutrition, health and education, from government budget expenses into corporate services investment – through a new Social Pact where entrepreneurs take on these social responsibilities and the Government reduces taxation proportionately. From then on we will have a free market: laissez faire, laissez passer! Meritocracy, downsized government, individual responsibility, reversal of migration to the cities, profitable agriculture. Solid health and education services will finally rescue the traditional values that have made prosperous and rich the Western world.
    Thus the economy will be definitely separated from politics ? they are like oil and water ? they will never mix.
    A word of gratitude to judge Sergio Moro (he looks like my younger brother, raised in the traditional values of my parents Romeu and Maura). He rescues the dignity of all the Brazilian people, so that we can walk with our heads held high, seeing that corruption is a question to be dealt with by the police, no matter if it is practiced by rightists or leftists. I would be very happy to see escorted to the Federal Police some big shots of the various political parties-this would add the 20% needed to reach total approval of the judge by the population. By the way, the Brazilian judicial system must still answer to society: why can a national politician convicted for corruption in France move freely in Brazil; why some sports leaders convicted abroad for corruption still occupy prominent positions in local sports institutions. If our battered and humiliated traditional justice cannot solve these problems- Give them Sergio Moro! This brave judge, along with a team of attorneys and federal policemen, can replace an entire structure of control and auditing ? in this robbery of decades, those useless and decaying bodies only served to give jobs to the bureaucrats who happen to be friends of the powerful. This is simply shameful.
    Wake up! Let us show our indignation towards injustice!
    Ronaldo Campos Carneiro
    March, 27th, 2016


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