The World Elite Meets in Davos as the Richest 1% Now Own More Than the Rest of Humanity

Collage med res 2Published: 22 Jan 2016.
Author: Michael Roberts.
Intro by: TSN Editor.

The latest report from OXFAM shows that inequality between the rich and poor has sharply accelerated since the onset of the world economic crisis in 2008. The payment of the banks debts at the public?s expense, followed by the provision to them of cheap money from the central banks, have combined to massively boost the assets of the wealthy. This has been in stark contrast to the austerity imposed on working people internationally which has caused their living standards to fall dramatically.
… A key part of the story has been the use by the rich, the corporations and the corrupt of tax havens to hide their wealth and avoid paying taxes on it. OXFAM are running a campaign against these tax havens at ““.
… Below we publish a comment on OXFAM?s wealth report by Michael Roberts, the marxist economist. In it he defends the statistics in OXFAM’s report against its capitalist detractors.

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UN Climate Change Agreement in Paris – just another case of ‘fiddling while Rome burns’?

Collage med res
Published: 11th January 2016.

Intro by Pat Byrne (TSN Editor).
Detailed analysis of the UN Agreement by: Mike Davies (Chair, Alliance for Green Socialism).

Radio interview on the consequences of the Agreement with Chris Williams (author of ?Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis?).

Introduction – Another Toothless Agreement

Less than a month has passed since the United Nations Climate Change Conference brought together representatives of 196 countries in Paris and made an Agreement which is supposed to stop the rise of Global temperatures. On one side the mainstream media greeted the Paris Agreement as a major step forward in the battle against climate change. On the other a wide range of environmental groups have denounced the Agreement as merely window dressing, a serious of pious promises without enforcement rules which will have no effect on the growing ecological threat.

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