Brooks: Awash with cash?

The financial press reports that firms in the US and UK in particular are sitting on mountains of money. This cash mountain must come from profits. How, then, is it possible that the crisis was caused by a fall in the rate and mass of profit?

The other question is: if firms have money coming out of their ears and profits have recovered ? why is this money not being invested, leading to a sounder and broader based recovery?

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Stanislawski: Times have changed!

The international warmongers have lost a lot of style. Even in the near past, when diplomacy prepared the way for war in Iraq or Afghanistan, some things were hidden while other were made up in order to justify the war. But it was done with some kind of sophistication, with a smooth combination of nonchalance and flippancy. Today it is obvious that all these standards have fallen for good. Going through the news on Syria in the international media is like rummaging through a web-store with the cheapest thrillers ever published.

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