Video: The Thinking Behind ’21st Century Socialism’ is Evolving in a Positive Direction

Published: 12 June 2015
Interviewee: Marta Harnecker

Marta Harnecker is a well-known figure on the Latin American Left, first becoming active in the Chilean struggle under Allende?s left-wing government in the early 1970s. Since based in Cuba, Marta has played a significant role in many left-wing movements in the continent including as an adviser to Chavez?s government in Venezuela and a supporter of the struggles around Morales in Bolivia. Author of over 60 books, her most recent ? A World To Build ? demonstrates that she is moving towards a more participatory vision of socialism especially with regard to state institutions in a socialist society.
?Here she is interviewed by Greg Wilpert (a commentator coming from an anarchist tradition) who is based in Caracas and a mainstay of the excellent which provides in-depth news and supportive yet critical opinion about the Venezuelan revolution.

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