Greece After the Referendum

EG-AE336_edp040_G_20150401142419Published: 11 July 2015
Author: Jonathan Clyne (Socialist Network Sweden)

?No? Vote a Major Victory
The widespread mobilisation expressed in the Greek referendum achieved with a single blow what months of negotiations without popular mobilisation had failed to do. It immediately caused a major split within the ruling classes of Europe. On one side, Italy and France are leading the compromisers. Donald Tusk has swayed wildly, but now seems to have fallen into line after pressure from the USA. On the other side, Germany leads a motley coalition of EU bureaucrats and politicians from Spain, Portugal, Ireland and some smaller Eastern European countries that have staked their careers on austerity. They and the self-righteous German leaders, who unlike most European countries have not practised much austerity at home, egged each other on into hysteria.

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Greece: The Tasks for the Left after SYRIZA?s victory

Collage compressedPublished: 4 Feb 2015
Author: DEA (Internationalist Workers? Left) Greece
Intro: By TSN Editor

Our contacts in Greece are now members of DEA, the Internationalist Workers? Left group which is part of Left Platform in Syriza. Here is DEA?s view last week of the significance of Syriza?s historic victory and the coalition government that came out of it.

1. The defeat of the coalition government of Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos in the January 25 elections is a historic political victory of the forces of social resistance.

The working class and the popular masses in Greece have struggled constantly since the outbreak of the crisis and the introduction of the Memorandums, challenging the agreements made by the Greek class with the Troika and international lenders, which have imposed a brutal austerity policy. This election victory is the result of the general strikes, mass demonstrations, the “movement of the squares” and decisive sectoral and local struggles that have continued, despite the decline of the great wave of resistance between 2010 and 2012.

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