Our Groups

The following national groups are affiliated to The Socialist Network:

Cyprus: Socialist Expression   P.O.Box 22627, 1523 Nicosia, Cyprus  or write to them at: t.demetriou@cytanet.com.cy

Greece: Socialist Expression – http://www.sosialistikiekfrasi.gr  or write to them at: ppolydorou@aol.com

Pakistan: Revolutionary Struggle    visit their Facebook Page or write to them at: comrademehdi@yahoo.com

Sweden: Socialistiska Nätverket    visit their Facebook Page or write to them at: egil_karlow@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “Our Groups

  1. Do you have any connections in Toronto, Canada? In what way could I be involved in the socialist network?

  2. Yes!! We need one in Vancouver too! There needs to be more forums open to socialist in North America and Canada most especially. Canada is a better location in pushing socialist thoughts and ideals. People are on a better wavelength in understanding the most advantageous of socialism!!

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