Membership Subscriptions

Membership Subscriptions

As an individual member of The Socialist Network you need to pay a regular subscription fee. This can be done either via a direct bank-to-bank money transfer (usually by a monthly standing order), or via PayPal. Our bank account is registered in Sweden so if you live in a European Union country, a bank-to-bank transfer is a simple and free way to set up regular payments. However, if you live in a country outside the European Union, bank-to-bank transfers are usually very costly, so an online transfer through PayPal is possibly the only way to pay your subscription fee.
…Details of how to pay by bank transfer or by PayPal can be found below. If you have any questions or difficulties don’t hesitate to contact our Treasurer Stefan at:
…The first step in subscribing is to choose one of our four different subscription rates which have been arranged to cater for the different levels of income of our membership:

Subscription Rates
Standard Plus
For members on a good income or wishing to make a strong commitment to the work of The Network – 20 Euros per month or the equivalent in another currency
StandardFor members on a reasonable income – 10 Euros per month or equivalent
Half-rateFor members who are non-waged – 5 Euros per month or equivalent
Entry-LevelFor members on very low incomes (especially from poorer countries) – 2 Euros per month or equivalent

Payment by Bank-to-Bank Transfer
Bank Name:  Nordea
Bank Address:  Nordea Bank AB, S-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden
Bank Account Name:  The Socialist Network
Bank Account No:  659155-6SEK
IBAN Ref:  SE7395000099603406591556

Payment by PayPal
To pay by PayPal you need to have a PayPal account which is the leading and safest online payment system. If you don’t already have a PayPal account they are easy to set up and also useful for other payments – just go to and follow their instructions. Once you have created a PayPal account you then have the choice of paying your subscription to the Network from any balance you have in the PayPal account, or by credit or debt cards which are of course directly linked to your bank.

Once you have a PayPal account first choose your subscription rate from the drop-down box below. Then click on the yellow ‘Subscribe’ button below which will take you to the PayPal subscription page – here you need to enter your PayPal Account ‘Email address’ and ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Log In’ button at the bottom right of the screen. Then complete the PayPal procedures and your Network subscription will be all set up.

Membership Subscription Options ? select one of the following:

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