Gallipoli 1915: When 120,000 Men Died and 250,000 were Wounded for Colonial Plunder

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Intro: by the TSN Editor

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the of the invasion by British and French empire forces of Gallipoli, on the Western coast of what is now Turkey. The object of the invasion was to capture Istanbul (Constantinople), the capital, and thereby seize vast tracts of territory from the Ottoman empire. The military campaign which lasted seven months was a disastrous and bloody failure, hampered by arrogant leadership and poor planning on the Allied side, and fierce defensive resistance from the Turkish side.

In the media coverage currently filling TV screens there is much talk of the bravery of the British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers but no reference to the fact that this was an invasion organised purely for colonial conquest. And the invading Allied forces are somehow put on the same moral level as the Ottoman troops who were only defending their homeland.

Below is a short video made by Australian directors John Rainford and Peter Ewer which puts a very different perspective on the Gallipoli campaign from that of the capitalist media:
‘Gallipoli – Lest We Forget ? the facts’

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