Britain’s Labour Crisis – Defend Jeremy Corbyn, Bring Labour MPs under Membership Control

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Published: 4th July 2016.
Author: John McDonnell, British Labour Party Shadow Chancellor.
Intro by: TSN Editor.

A move to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, the left wing leader of the British Labour Party, has just been launched following a vote of no confidence in Jeremy by a majority of Labour members of parliament (172 votes to 40). Although the move is supposed to be based on criticism of Jeremy’s performance in the EU Referendum campaign, it has now emerged that it is part of a careful plan by his political enemies inside the Labour Party that was developed ten months ago after he was elected by a big majority of Labour members to be their leader. The timing of the plan is to remove Jeremy before the Labour Party Conference this Autumn which is expected to agree some significant changes, and forestall the possibility of many right-wing Labour MPs being deselected by their local constituency parties. 

Below we print the speech given last week on the crisis by Labour’s Shadow Chancellor (Finance Minister) in support of Jeremy:

John McDonnell

“Let me just tell you where we?re at at the moment because it?s important that you know. I just want to go back a short while, I won?t keep you long.

When Jeremy got elected last year he got elected on 59.5% of the vote ? the highest mandate that any political leader of this country has ever received from their own membership. It was overwhelming in individual members, the affiliated group and also the new supporters. In every category he won.

When we got back to Parliament he tried, in his own quiet way (I?ve known Jeremy 35/40 years and he?s one of the most caring, compassionate people I?ve met), to work with people, put them together. He created a Shadow Cabinet of left, right and centre, he tried to hold it together. And when he did that he tried to work with the Parliamentary Labour Party all the way through. But there?s been a group within the PLP who consistently refused to accept his democratic mandate and consistently undermined him in every way they possibly could. To be frank, I don?t know how he?s borne it. I?m just so proud of him, to be honest, for what he?s done.

We knew at that time, that for some time they were plotting to see if they could have a coup at some stage. We knew that. We knew all the way along. The thing about it is they?re not particularly good at it. We had people in meetings where they were discussing who would be the candidate they would run etc. And so we got intelligence on a regular basis.

False arguments about electability

And their first attempt was the Oldham by-election. What they tried to say was ?It?s not political this. It?s not his policies we disagree with. It?s the fact that he can?t win elections.? So the Oldham by-election was the first test. If he had lost the Oldham by-election that might have been the opportunity for some form of coup or to start the first stages. We went to Oldham. Jim McMahon was a fantastic candidate but what we got was the best of both worlds: a good local candidate and the Corbyn supporters enthusiasm. And we had a massive victory in Oldham. So they backed off.

So the next one was going to be the local government elections. That was the excuse for the next plot. We got to the local government elections and they said again ?You can?t win an election with Corbyn? etc. We won every mayoral election we contested, every one. We won the seats in terms of local government. Councils we were expected to lose, we won every one.

We reached in our first six months the highest level of support that Ed Miliband got all through his term of office. Now that was not something that we thought was wonderful but it was better than anyone thought possible. And in every Parliamentary by-election that?s taken place, we?ve increased our majorities on every occasion.

When Jeremy took over as leader in September we were fourteen points behind in the opinion polls. We are now ahead of the Tories in the opinion polls this week even post-Brexit. And here?s the irony, it?s just extraordinary, on Monday the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting was one of the most disgraceful  meetings I?ve ever attended. It was like a lynching without the rope. It was appalling. MP after MP got up calling on Jeremy to resign: ?We can?t win elections under you?. And here?s the irony, the first item on the agenda was to welcome the new Labour MP for Tooting who had doubled Labour?s majority.

I don?t accept that this is about Jeremy not being able to win elections. I know how tough it?s going to be to defeat the Tories but also we know that we?ve been building a solid base of support. Why? Because we?ve changed the political direction of this party within nine months. When we went into the last election we were austerity-lite. We had voted for tuition fees, we had voted for wars in Iraq, and all the rest of it. We transformed ourselves. We?re now an anti-austerity party. We?re now in favour of scrapping tuition fees. We?re in favour of building council houses again. We favour trade union rights and also, in the week before Chilcott is published, under Jeremy Corbyn we are now a party that will never again go on a military adventure that cost 500,000 lives as happened in Iraq under Blair. Never again.

That?s why they?re coming for Jeremy. This isn?t about electability. This is about policy and politics. They told us that it was about the European referendum, because he hadn?t done enough.

The referendum campaign

So let me just explain what happened on that because I?m gutted that we lost it. I?m sad that we lost it. But what happened way back in September was that Jeremy and I met with Angela Eagle and Hilary Benn and they said they wanted to run the European campaign and we said ?fine?. But at that point in time we said that we need to agree the politics of this. We said that we can?t just go out there as simple Europhiles because, to be frank, there was a need for reform in Europe. And at that point in time they were trying to argue that we should unanimously support Cameron?s deal in Europe. We refused.

So we said ?get on with the campaign and call us in when you need us, we will do all that we can to support?. Jeremy toured round this country ? the stamina of the man is unbelievable. Thousands of miles, meeting after meeting. Both of us spoke in virtually every major city in the country. But we campaigned on the basis of ?remain but reform?. And that is where most of the British population are. They agree that there needs to be reform. It was no use going out there just arguing that the European Union was perfect. It was remain and reform. We also said, to be frank, as soon as you start appearing on platforms with Tories Farage and Boris Johnson ironically will call you ?the establishment?. And that?s exactly what happened in Scotland and that is exactly what happened in Northern cities in particular across this country. So we believed that the tactics of the campaign were wrong. Nevertheless we worked really hard. But when the result came out they wanted a scapegoat, they wanted to blame Jeremy. They wanted to use this as the excuse for the coup.

The plot unfolds

And what happened I?ll briefly tell you. On Saturday night last, Jeremy was contacted by a sympathetic journalist. He had been briefed that Hilary Benn was going round the Shadow Cabinet urging people to urge Jeremy to stand down or threaten resignation. When Jeremy contacted him and asked if it was true. Would he be happy for a statement to be put out saying it was an error or that Hilary withdraw from his actions. He refused. What else could he do but ask him to stand down? There was no other option.

What we then discovered, because they just leak like I don?t know what, was that there was a plan that what would happen is that group after group of front benchers would resign, in batches. Because it was to destabilise. It was on the basis that one group resigned, fine we could accommodate that, settle down for a few hours and then another group would resign. It went on like that.

So what Jeremy had to do was to put together another Shadow Cabinet and that?s what we?ve done. And we?ve brought in, yes, lots of the new young people into the Shadow Cabinet. I tell you, listening to some of their speeches this week has been thrilling and they are the heroes and heroines of this movement.

Finally, let me just say where we?re at now because we?re getting to the point where it becomes farcical. What they did, to try and divide me and Jeremy, they briefed the media that I was trying to challenge him. And today Tom Watson has given an interview saying it?s John MacDonnell who?s forcing him to stay. You can?t have it both ways.

So what I?ve said today is, straightforwardly, if Jeremy wants to remain the leader of the Labour Party I will support him wholeheartedly, I will chair his campaign committee again. It?s his decision and he?s made that decision. He?s staying.

I think this is a tragedy what?s going on now. At a time when, to be frank, our country?s facing some of the severest economic problems we?ve had in a generation as a result of the referendum, when the Tories are in disarray and there is virtually no government there whatsoever, this is the time the Labour Party should have held together and stepped up its campaigning. Parliamentary pomposity this is not. This is not just for the sake of the Party. It?s for the sake of our country and the people we represent because they?re the ones that will be hit the hardest as a result of this result from the European referendum and the economic instability.

What we?ve said is Jeremy is staying. If someone wants to challenge him fine. I spoke to Tom Watson and said if a candidate comes forward let?s have a democratic election of the leader but let?s do it as comrades, as friends, it doesn?t have to be like this. We should be able to act amicably in this party and not in the way that people have treated Jeremy in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

They?re falling out among themselves as to who should be the candidate. It looks as though Angela Eagle, we?re told by the BBC, will announce she will become a candidate tomorrow. Fine, fine. I?ve said we will convene an urgent NEC, have a short leadership campaign timetable in order to match the Tories and get our leader in place so that we can then challenge the Tories and if there is a general election then we?re ready to go with the leader.

Debate as comrades and hold together

But, above all else, now at the moment, what we need people to do, whichever position they come from, is just to hold together in the party, just basically to treat each other with some common decency.

So where we?re at in this the moment is that we think there will be a candidate coming forward tomorrow. The NEC will set up the timetable for the leadership election and we?ll have what we?ve always wanted really, a democratic debate. Jeremy will stand again and tour round the country setting out his policies and we?ll hope that he gets re-elected.

We?d welcome it. If you?re not a member of the Labour Party at the moment we need you to join. If you are a member of the Labour Party let me just say this. What we?re witnessing at the moment is a very British coup. If we don?t face this down what will be the point of being a Labour Party member, voting for a leader that you want and then having the Labour Party MPs exercise a veto. That is unacceptable.

There has been a recent modern invention by the Greeks. It?s called democracy. What we?re standing for in this period now is democracy in the Party ? the ability of rank and file members of the Labour Party to choose the leader that they want and the policies that they want. And if we lost that, if we allow this coup to destroy Jeremy Corbyn, they destroy our Party. I am not going to allow that to happen and I hope that you don?t. So I?m urging you, pleading with you now, as we go through this period, let?s be comradely to whoever comes forward in the other campaign and let?s stand firm in the interests of democracy. And I appeal to you to support the person who actually did get democratically elected nine months ago, who transformed our policies into becoming a socialist party once again, and all the way around the country gave people hope of a new form of politics, caring and compassionate but socialist above all else.

So I say to you if this election comes, stand with me and support Jeremy Corbyn. Solidarity.”

This talk was given by John McDonnell on Wednesday 29th June 2016 at a Stand Up for Labour event in the George IV pub in Chiswick, West London. The transcript has been lightly edited to account for the difference between spoken and written language but the content is unchanged.

Recording and transcript made by David Pavett, and supplied by Mike Phipps of Labour Briefing and the Labour Representation CommitteeThe speech was also reproduced on the left-wing Labour magazine website Left Futures.


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  1. I am championing the cause everyday. You have thousands of good people behind you both. Your politics are about fairness, equality and you both act with so much integrity. Jeremy has done nothing wrong. No-one can truthfully give a reason to ask him to stand down. I follow all the news, I have been to marches, I know what is going on. Please keep strong – you have so much support… YES WE CAN!!


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