Thailand: the Junta’s 2015 Draft Constitution “Backward, Anti-Democratic and Infantile”

Road to Thai DemocracyPublished: 25 May 2015.
Author: Giles Ji Ungpakorn.
Intro by: TSN Editor.

So strong has the power of street demonstrations and civil disobedience become around the world, that when the elite want to militarily overthrow a government which is taking measures to help the poor rather than the rich, they first have to prepare the ground by using the tactics of mass protest in order to destabilise and undermine the Government.
?First , they use the private media that they control to organise a campaign of lies and distortion. Through this they whip up their largely middle-class supporters into a frenzy of hatred against the government. Then in the name of ?freedom? and ?democracy? they encourage the building of barricades, the occupation of public buildings and so on ? copying the traditional tactics of genuine protest used by the oppressed. When the police intervene the level of violence is escalated so that casualties result, often such casualties are actually inflicted on their own people by special forces working with the protest movement’s leaders. This is then seized upon by the right-wing media to paint the government as an oppressive dictatorship and to create a climate of crisis. This provides the excuse for the military to intervene, overthrow the elected government and dismantle the limited democratic freedoms that existed. Thereafter, all the talk of democracy disappears, as the protestors ecstatically welcome the army as their saviour.

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Is US Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders ?sheep-dogging? for Hillary and the Democrats?

13Published: 19 May 2015
Author: Bruce A. Dixon
Intro by: TSN Editor

Bernie Sanders, the 73-year-old independent and self-declared ?socialist? US senator from Vermont, has announced his intention to run for the position of 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate. Sanders said he was motivated to enter the race by what he termed “obscene levels” of income disparity, along with a commitment to end the corrupt campaign finance system. He announced that ?This is a rigged economy, which works for the rich and the powerful, and is not working for ordinary Americans.?
The launch of Sander?s campaign has garnered a lot of enthusiasm with 185,000 supporters signing up within the first week, raising $3 million from 75,000 people, and with 5.3 million interactions on his Facebook page.
…However, the campaign is causing a lot of controversy and confusion on the socialist Left which is divided on how best to respond to this movement. Here is one contribution which we reproduce from the Black Agenda Report. It takes a negative viewpoint on the likely significance and consequences of the Sanders? presidential campaign. Anyone else with an alternative standpoint is welcome to submit it for publication.

?The sheepdog is a card the Democratic Party plays every presidential primary season when there’s no White House Democrat running for re-election.?

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Cyprus: New Law Opens Way for More Foreclosures

CollagePublished: 16 May 2015.
Author: Soteris Vlachos (Socialist Expression, Cyprus).

Having as their main argument the urgency to give to the banks “a tool?to collect large debts which would enable them to improve their balance sheets,? the right wing government of Greek Cyprus has passed through Parliament legislation that opens the way to mass evictions.

“All money lent has to be returned? said the leader of the main right wing party. But he was not applying this prescription to the banks by requesting repayment of the 10 billion euros taken from the bank accounts of thousands of people in the last ?bail in?. Nor was he asking back the more than ?5 billion through which the State has guaranteed bank liquidity. No, he was demanding return of money only from those of our compatriots that have been rendered economically broken and unemployed by the banking system.

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Understanding the UK Election Defeat

Published: 13 May 2015.
Author: Pat Byrne (TSN Editor).

 As soon as it became clear that the big business Conservative Party was going to win the UK elections outright, the pound sterling rose and the stock market jumped for joy. And not surprisingly with the bankers Party continuing in power, bank stocks showed a particularly large rise. In the article below we analyse the election result and the reasons for it.

Most Forecasts Proved Wrong
The most remarkable thing about the UK election was the failure of the opinion polls. The pre-election debate was dominated by unanimous polling predictions that no party would have a majority, with the clear implication that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition government was on its way out, to be replaced by a minority Labour Government. Consequently, the final result with a Tory overall majority of eight in parliament came as a massive shock which has significantly shaped reactions since.

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UK Election Day

Collage 96dpiPublished:7 May 2015
Video: Russell Brand.
Intro by: TSN Editor

Today the citizens of the UK go to vote in a closely fought election on who should govern them for the next five years. Unfortunately, the lack of a decisive alternative from the Labour Party leadership to the Conservative coalition government’s relentless Austerity cuts in living standards and public services, has caused voter apathy especially among the young. Here Russell Brand, a British comedian and political activist with a large following among young people, comes off the fence and recommends people to vote Labour: 

Iran: Children of Ayatollahs Flaunt their Wealth

Collage 96dpiPublished: 5 May 2015
Author: Yassamine Mather
Intro by: TSN Editor

Below we reprint a very interesting article about Iran that appeared last week in the Weekly Worker





Three deadly road accidents in one week, involving expensive cars driven by super-rich young Iranians, have dominated this week?s news in Iran – especially after the country?s supreme leader, ayatollah Ali Khamenei, used a meeting with police chiefs to criticise fast-driving, wealthy youngsters. Khamenei said: ?I hear that young people from the generation of wealth, a generation intoxicated by their money, are driving luxury cars and parading in the streets, making the streets insecure … This is an example of psychological insecurity.?1

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