Turkey: Violence Against Women Rockets to Top of the Agenda

Author: Tayfun Hatipoglu

The gruesome sexual assault and murder of Ozgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old female psychology student has sparked off a nationwide protest movement against the violent treatment of women in Turkey.

Ozgecan was travelling on a public minibus in the south central city of Mersin two weeks ago, when according to confessions by two of the suspects involved, she was targeted by the driver as the last passenger left on board. The driver then left the normal route despite Ozgecan?s protests and drove to a remote place. When he tried to rape her she bravely fought back scratching his face and using a pepper spray on him. In response the driver stabbed the girl several times and finally finished her off with an iron pipe. Then apparently the driver cut off the student?s fingers fearing that the police might find his DNA under her nails.

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The Deal Between Greece and the EU ? Time for Mass Mobilisation

Syriza EU Deal CollagePublished: 24 Feb 2015
Author: Jonathan Clyne (a member of TSN)




The new deal between the Syriza-led Greek Government and the EU Finance Ministers appears to leave things more or less unchanged: in effect postponing a confrontation for four months.

However, on the Left, reactions to the agreement have been sharply different. On one side, some have said that ?Varoufakis?s strategy was pure genius, mainly because it knocked the EU finance ministers off balance and threw the process into turmoil?, and by the EU leaders agreeing to the deal ?they would be acknowledging (and, tacitly, approving) Greece?s determination to make the program less punitive in the future.?

At the other extreme, the deal has been presented as a ?betrayal?, the result of not going for a full blown socialist revolution. Somewhere in between these positions, there is the view that ?we should give the government a chance?. That they need a breathing space after just getting elected.

All these views miss the point. They do not relate to the hopes and aspirations of Greeks of finally getting politicians that keep what they promise. Success in politics, for those that oppose the establishment is not decided by being ?clever? either with tactics or slogans nor by being ?patient?, but by mobilisation.

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THE BANKS – the More Success the Greater the Damage

Collage compressed
Published: 23 Feb 2015
Author: Michael Roberts
Intro by: TSN Editor

Here is another excellent posting from Michael Roberts in which he demolishes some of the arguments put forward by the banks since the outbreak of the world crisis of 2008-9.



Doing God?s work again
Back in April 2010, I wrote a post about Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs, the world?s most powerful investment bank (and also voted the most hated institution in the US in a recent poll ? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-05/america-s-most-loved-and-most-hated-companies).

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Spain: An Open Letter from the new Leader of Izquierda Unida (United Left)

CollagePublished: 13 Feb 2015
Statement by: Alberto Garzón (Izquierda Unida)
Intro by: TSN Editor
Translation by: Erik Andersson

In recent months we have carried a number of articles about the explosive rise of Spain?s new radical party, Podemos, which according to the opinion polls is now the most popular Party in Spain. One of the many consequences of this rise has been the eclipsing of Spain?s Izquierda Unida (United Left) which has seen much of its public support swing behind Podemos. This has understandably caused a lot of soul-searching in the Party and the rise of new leaders in key areas. It would also seem to have pushed the United Left to adopt a more left-wing stance, as the Open Letter below from the new Party leaders would seem to indicate.
. . . In particular we in The Socialist Network welcome the commitment of the United Left party leader towards democratising the political system and the economy though the public ownership of the energy sector, all strategic companies and the financial system. And in the case of the latter, it ties in well with our Network?s upcoming campaign for the democratic public ownership of the banking sector which we shall be launching next week.

Open Letter from Alberto Garzón
I write this letter to ask for your support in heading a transformative left-wing project.

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The Case for Eco-Socialism

Collage compressedPublished: 11 Feb 2015
Author: Nicholas Davenport
Intro by: TSN Editor

Continuing in our series of articles about the need to integrate the vision of a democratic socialist society with the green agenda, here are two important articles by Nicholas Davenport on the need for ecology and socialism to be fused together. And hopefully through this the bulk of the green movement will be able to join hands with the democratic socialist movement in a strong and united force capable of replacing capitalism with a new environmentally sustainable, more rational, equal and just society.

A Marxist Ecological Vision
The ecological crisis presents the starkest possible example of both the necessity of and opportunity for revolutionary change. Nothing but a radical transformation of basic social relations can prevent the worst possible outcomes of the crisis. In spite of its overwhelming and frightening magnitude, the ecological crisis presents a moment to revitalize the world revolutionary movement.

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Greece: The Tasks for the Left after SYRIZA?s victory

Collage compressedPublished: 4 Feb 2015
Author: DEA (Internationalist Workers? Left) Greece
Intro: By TSN Editor

Our contacts in Greece are now members of DEA, the Internationalist Workers? Left group which is part of Left Platform in Syriza. Here is DEA?s view last week of the significance of Syriza?s historic victory and the coalition government that came out of it.

1. The defeat of the coalition government of Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos in the January 25 elections is a historic political victory of the forces of social resistance.

The working class and the popular masses in Greece have struggled constantly since the outbreak of the crisis and the introduction of the Memorandums, challenging the agreements made by the Greek class with the Troika and international lenders, which have imposed a brutal austerity policy. This election victory is the result of the general strikes, mass demonstrations, the “movement of the squares” and decisive sectoral and local struggles that have continued, despite the decline of the great wave of resistance between 2010 and 2012.

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