After 30 Years the Facts Finally Come Out

Collage compressedPublished: 31 Oct 2014
Intro by: TSN Editor
Source: British Parliamentary record, compiled by Mike Phipps

Under British rules the Government has to release its cabinet papers after 30 years. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Great Miners Strike and the publication of the Cabinet papers have revealed the true role of the Thatcher-led Conservative government in crushing the miners and destroying their coal industry. This led to a debate in the UK parliament which demonstrates that the scars of the cataclysmic miners strike are very much alive today.
… Thanks very much to Mike Phipps from the Labour Representation Committee, the left-wing movement inside the Labour Party, for compiling the following extracts from the parliamentary debate which appear on their blog.

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Socialism, Capitalism and the Environment

Collage compressedPublished: 30 October 2014
Author: Alex Dirmeier

There is an upcoming ecological catastrophe on this planet, which puts in jeopardy the whole existence of life as we know it. This is an insight which is nowadays generally accepted. Global warming, pollution or the impending shortage and decline of fossil fuels are only some aspects of this cataclysm. It is also commonly accepted that ecological problems are inherent to the economic activity of humans. In particular, the capitalist world economy is causing many of the ecological problems. Not so common is probably the insight that these problems do not have resilient solutions using the economic methods of capitalism. This point of view will be argued in this article.

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English Firefighters to Strike to Save their Pensions

_74633428_firestrike_paAs part of the British Conservative-led government?s Austerity Programme they have announced plans to make serious cuts in the pension rights of Firefighters in England. After a long process of negotiation failed, the Fire Brigades Union has announced a four day strike beginning on the 30th of October.

The following video from the union and the accompanying statement makes a powerful case for their courageous stand:

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What Do the Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong Mean?

CollageHeiko Khoo, regular writer on a popular Chinese website and participant in the East German struggle for democratic rights in 1989, here introduces a highly interesting discussion on what is happening in China and the implications of the pro-democracy protests continuing in Hong Kong. The discussion took place at the recently held conference of The Socialist Network in Bratislava. The audio quality at the beginning is not very good but it quickly improves so listen on…

Is another World Economic Downturn Coming?

The victims of economic recessionAt The Socialist Network‘s Conference in Bratislava earlier this month, we talked about the failure of the world’s capitalist economy to recover from the Great Recession of 2008-9. And the likelihood of another recession looming on the horizon. Now, less than two weeks later, the world’s stock markets are plunging. For readers wishing to know why this is happening now, here is an excellent article on the deep problems in Japan, the world’s third largest economy, by the socialist economist Michael Roberts which explains the current background to what could turn into a much wider crisis.

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The Socialist Network – Bratislava Conference Report

Conference ReportThe Socialist Network last week concluded its 2014 Conference. The Conference was held from 3-5th of October in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia in Eastern Europe. Participating in the conference were comrades from Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Pakistan, Turkey, Britain and Ireland. Thanks to all who organised the conference and contributed to its proceedings. Below is a brief summary of the Conference by our Web Editor. Video and audio recordings and photos will be made available shortly.

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Significance of Swing to Anti-EU party in UK by-elections

Ukip collage reversedby Pat Byrne

With nearly 60% of the vote, this week saw the election of the first member of the British parliament from the right-wing anti-European UK Independence Party (UKIP). This follows on from UKIP’s strong showing in last May’s European elections where it emerged as the leading single party with four and a half million votes and 24 out the UK?s 73 seats in the European parliament.

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Final Agenda for The Socialist Network Conference Bratislava 3-5th October 2014

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Final Agenda

Friday 11.00am ? The World Economy
Speaker:              Mick Brooks (online)

Friday 14.00 pm – The Developing World
Speakers:            Manzoor from Revolutionary Struggle in Pakistan (in person)
Noor Nieftagodien from Democratic Left Front South Africa (online)
Possibly Heiko Khoo from the UK speaking on China (online)

Saturday 10am – ?Socialists and the Mass Organisations?
with a special Focus on the European Left

Speakers:            Pat Byrne The Socialist Network Web Editor from Turkey (in person)
C. Panos from the Kokkino (Red) group in Greece (online)

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