Extending the Concept of Exploitation

Exploitation it comes in many forms - compressed

Published: September 2014
Author & Intro by: Pat Byrne

When The Socialist Network was founded two years ago it set itself the key task of producing a new Socialist Manifesto for discussion in the international labour movement. Since then we have produced drafts of some of the ideas that will undoubtedly form the backbone of the Manifesto. The following article is a further contribution to the discussion on the Manifesto.

The socialist movement?s historical critique of capitalism is undoubtedly a powerful one. But I would suggest that in some important regards it has tended to be too narrow and thus much less effective that it could have been. This narrowness has also reduced the credibility of our alternative to capitalism, as well as the breadth of the movement that we need to build in order to achieve it. In this, the first of a series of articles, I will start by explaining what I mean by looking at the concept of Exploitation.

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Right-wing Coalition Defeated in Swedish Election Result

swedish election 2014As predicted in our recent article (http://socialistnetwork.org/sweden-next-weeks-general-election/#more-858) the Swedish General Election has seen the defeat of the main conservative party that has ruled Sweden for nearly a decade. But the result also saw the continued rise of a more right-wing party, the ironically named Sweden Democrats. As a result it is unsure what form the new government will take.

Here Erik Andersson, an activist in the Left Party and The Socialist Network gives his initial feelings on the election outcome…

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Scotland?s Independence Referendum: Some Arguments For and Against


In a few days time we will know the result of Scotland?s historic vote on whether to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country. If the vote is in favour it will obviously have major implications not only for Scotland but also for the future of the independence campaigns in other places in Europe such as Catalonia in Spain. Below are some arguments from two socialists outside the UK, for and against the separation of Scotland from the UK.

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Sweden: Next Week?s General Election

Elections in Sweden 2014By Jonas Ryberg, an activist in the Swedish social democratic party in Gävle and a member of Socialistiska Nätverket (the Swedish Socialist Network)

September 14th is a date a large section of the working class population in Sweden are looking forward to. Finally there’s a chance to get rid of the ruling right-wing coalition that has been in government since 2006 with devastating effects on the welfare state and general equality in Swedish society. But even with a much needed change of government next month, there’s no guarantee that the general shift to the right of politics will change – major challenges are waiting for the working class and labour movement over the next few years.

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UK Labour executive elections: best Left result since 1980s

New Picture

The results of the elections for constituency party (CLP) representatives on Labour?s national executive were a triumph for the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) slate which won 55% of the popular vote and four out of six places on a 14% swing to the left from right-wing and independent candidates, on a 15% higher poll. It is the best result for the Left since the mid-1980s.

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