Foreign Companies Feel the Chill in China

China about to push the US aside
Article published 4/7/2014  in The Washington Post by Simon Denyer, The Post?s bureau chief in China

BEIJING ? China is the fastest-growing major economy in the world and has seemed to hold boundless promise for foreign companies. In a country once inhabited by people in Mao suits, an expanding and urbanizing middle class is hungry for Western goods. One U.S. retailer alone ? Gap ? expects to triple its sales of clothing between 2013 and 2016. But a growing cluster of problems is confronting foreign companies here, leading many executives to wonder where the good times might have gone.

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Protest in islamabadIt is less than sixteen months since the much disputed election victory of the Muslim League led by Nawaz Sharif. Yet Pakistan has already been plunged into another political crisis. Two separate organisations with radically different agendas, Imran Khan?s Movement for Justice ? the PTI, and the Pakistan Peoples Movement, the PAT, have marched on the capital, Islamabad, vowing not to leave until the government resigns. Here we carry an interview on the significance of this crisis with Waquas Butt, a leading member of Pakistan?s Revolutionary Struggle, which is affiliated to our Socialist Network. Waqas has just spent several days among the protestors in the capital discussing their demands with them.

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Ukraine ? Who to Support?

Ukrainian military watch a ukrainian jet take offby Mick Brooks, 11th August 2014
The essential background to the crisis in Ukraine is the deep impoverishment of the population caused by the restoration of capitalism. Ever since then politics have been dominated by oligarchic cliques of capitalists who stole the publicly owned means of production. Capitalism has also been restored in Russia and Putin (an oligarch) is its representative. Why should socialists support one gang of capitalists against another?

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The PODEMOS ‘Phenomenon’ and its Manifesto

1podemos - smaller

As we reported in June, Podemos (‘We Can Do it’), the new Spanish left-wing party whose origins lie in the ‘Indignados’ street protests of three years ago, won 8% of the national vote in the elections for the European Parliament, and sent 5 members to the EU parliament. For a party that was only founded in March this was an amazing result that has only been amplified since the election. Already it has doubled its support in the opinion polls to around 16%, with 45,000 members joining the party online.
This level of support and membership if maintained would make Podemos the third largest part in Spain, an unprecedented achievement for a party
less than six months old!

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